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Čeština: Státní znak Chorvatské republiky
Deutsch: Wappen Kroatiens
English: Coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia
Español: Escudo de armas de la República de Croacia
Français: Armoiries de la République Croatie
Hrvatski: Grb Republike Hrvatske
Svenska: Kroatiens statsvapen
Македонски: Грб на Хрватска
Українська: Герб Хорватії
Dátum (protected internationally since
Forrás Croatian Wikipedia
New version based on New graphical standards, Decision of the Parliament
Croatian Air Force MD 500 source for Former insignia article
Szerző Croatian Parliament - ZAKON O GRBU, ZASTAVI I HIMNI RH TE ZASTAVI I LENTI PREDSJEDNIKA RH which based its decision on the design by Miroslav Šutej F.C.A. proposals.
MaCroatian squares Ljubicic.png (based on Decision of the Parliament)
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This file depicts a coat of arms.

The composition of coats of arms are generally public domain with respect to copyright laws, and may be reproduced freely. This corresponds to the international traditional usage, and is explicitly stated in some national copyright laws. Some compositions, of more recent origin, may be copyrighted.

This is not a valid license as such, being a "public domain" statement for the coat of arms definition only. It must be completed with the copyright tag associated to the picture creation.

See Commons:Coats of arms for further information.
Please note that this applies only to the coat of arms definition (composition / description). The representation of a coat of arms is an artistic creation, subject as such to copyright laws.

Restriction of use - Legal notice:
Most of the time, the usage of coats of arms is governed by legal restrictions, independent of the status of the depiction shown here. A coat of arms represents its owner. Though it can be freely represented, it cannot be appropriated, or used in such a way as to create a confusion with or a prejudice to its owner.

Usage on Commons:
Please provide licence information for the coat of arm representation, information for the author of the picture, and the source if not self-made work.

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Public domain
This work is not an object of copyright according to the Copyright and related rights act of the Republic of Croatia.

Article 8.

  1. The subject matter of copyright shall include expressions and not ideas, procedures, methods of operation or mathematical concepts as such.
  2. The subject matter of copyright shall not include:
    (1) discoveries, official texts in the domain of legislation, administration, judiciary (acts, regulations, decisions, reports, minutes, judgments, standards, and the like) and other official works and their collections, disclosed for the purpose of officially informing the public;
    (2) news of the day and other news, having the character of mere items of press information;
  3. Folk literary and artistic creations in their original form shall not be the subject matter of copyright, but their communication to the public is subject to the payment of remuneration, as for the communication to the public of protected copyright works. The remuneration shall be the revenue of the budget, and shall be used for improving the creativity in the field concerned.
Translations of official texts in the domain of legislation, administration and judiciary, shall be protected, unless made for the purpose of officially informing the public and are disclosed as such.
Coat of arms of Croatia.svg


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2013. szeptember 9., 09:57Bélyegkép a 2013. szeptember 9., 09:57-kori változatról3 058 × 3 529 (1,57 MB)ShokatzNew graphical standard of the Croatian coat of arms available since this year (2013) at: http://www.sabor.hr/Default.aspx?sec=4316
2012. szeptember 12., 10:39Bélyegkép a 2012. szeptember 12., 10:39-kori változatról604 × 800 (104 KB)PalosirkkaScrubbed with http://codedread.com/scour/
2011. november 14., 19:39Bélyegkép a 2011. november 14., 19:39-kori változatról604 × 800 (121 KB)MaGaIzmjena prema grafičkom standardu http://www.sabor.hr/Default.aspx?sec=4316 objavljenom u rujnu 2011. Change based on http://www.sabor.hr/Default.aspx?sec=978 (new graphical standards, Decision of the Parliament)
2009. november 1., 09:57Bélyegkép a 2009. november 1., 09:57-kori változatról634 × 800 (60 KB)Ex13please not again
2009. november 1., 02:54Bélyegkép a 2009. november 1., 02:54-kori változatról670 × 844 (57 KB)BugoslavReverted to version as of 21:55, 30 April 2008 Reverted to User:Zscout370 version because the Law doesn't say that the Coat of arms on the Flag must be the same one. Simmilarly to what some believe at File talk:Flag of Croatia.svg, and following t
2008. október 13., 08:37Bélyegkép a 2008. október 13., 08:37-kori változatról634 × 800 (60 KB)Suradnik13Reverted [http://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slika:GrbRH-prijedlog-zakona.png This is originally image is from croatian Law]
2008. április 30., 22:55Bélyegkép a 2008. április 30., 22:55-kori változatról670 × 844 (57 KB)Zscout370Reverted to version as of 08:18, 1 March 2008
2008. április 30., 19:30Bélyegkép a 2008. április 30., 19:30-kori változatról670 × 844 (57 KB)Rainman~commonswikiReverted to version as of 21:17, 29 April 2008 User:R-41 has not discussed the upload, nor received the permission from the orriginal uploader. The source he claims to be official has been taken from The World Flag Database & Graham Bartram and is no
2008. április 30., 01:08Bélyegkép a 2008. április 30., 01:08-kori változatról634 × 800 (60 KB)R-41~commonswikiReverted to version as of 09:05, 29 April 2008 Rainman is incorrect, the Government of Croatia webpage showing a template of the flag and the coat of arms is a perfect source for this
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