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العربية: شعار المنطقة من عام 1659 حتى عام 1867.
Беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎: Княства Трансільванія. Гістарычны герб Трансыльваніі.
Беларуская: Княства Трансільванія. Гістарычны герб Трансільваніі.
Български: Историческият герб на Трансилвания. Гербът на Трансилвания.
Brezhoneg: Skoed-ardamez Treuzsilvania.
Bosanski: Grb Transilvanije.
Deutsch: Historisches Wappen von Siebenbürgen von 1659 bis 1867.
English: Coat of arms of Transylvania from 1659 to 1867. It was adopted Transylvania's coat of arms by the Diet of 1659. It depicts:
   * on a blue background, a black eagle or Turul facing dexter, with gold bill and red tongue representing the Hungarian nobles.
   * the Sun (dexter) and the crescent Moon (sinister) representing the Szeklers.
   * a red dividing band (originally not part of the coat of arms).
   * seven red towers with black doors in two series (4+3) on a gold background representing the seven fortified cities of the Transylvanian Saxons - the display is connected with the German name of Transylvania - Siebenbürgen ("Seven Fortresses").
The red dividing band was used for the first time by Prince Michael I Apafi, and its first variant was featured on gold coins he issued in 1666.
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