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1991 Temple of the Dog Temple of the Dog A&M Hunger Strike, Pushin Forward Back, Wooden Jesus, Your Saviour és Four Walled World
1991 Pearl Jam Ten Epic mind
1992 Pearl Jam Stanley, Son of Theodore: Yet Another Alternative Music Sampler Epic/Columbia Records Alive (Élő)
1992 Pearl Jam Facérok filmzene Epic Breath és State of Love and Trust
1993 Pearl Jam Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams Thirsty Ear/Chaos Crazy Mary
1993 Eddie Vedder és Mike McCready 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration: Bob Dylan Tribute Sony Records Masters of War (Élő)
1993 Bad Religion Recipe for Hate Epitaph Records/Atlantic Records American Jesus és Watch It Die
1993 Pearl Jam In Defense of Animals Restless Records Porch
1993 Pearl Jam Vs. Epic mind
1994 Pearl Jam Vitalogy Epic mind
1995 Mike Watt Ball-Hog or Tugboat? Columbia Records Big Train és Against The 70's
1995 Pearl Jam Egy kosaras naplója filmzene Island Records Catholic Boy (Jim Carroll-lal és Chris Friel-lel)
1995 Neil Young Mirror Ball Reprise Records Peace & Love
1995 Pearl Jam Mirror Ball Epic mind
1996 Eddie Vedder és Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Dead Man Walking filmzene Sony Face Of Love és Long Road
1996 Pearl Jam Home Alive: The Art of Self Defense Epic Leaving Here
1996 Fastbacks New Mansions in Sound Sub Pop Girl's Eyes
1996 Pearl Jam M.O.M., Vol. 1: Music for Our Mother Ocean Interscope Records Gremmie Out of Control
1996 Gary Heffern Painful Days Y-records Passin' Thru'
1996 Pearl Jam No Code Epic mind
1996 Pearl Jam Hype! filmzene Sub Pop Not For You (Élőben a Self-Pollution Radio-ban)
1997 Eddie Vedder és a Hovercraft Kerouac – kicks joy darkness Rykodisc Hymn
1997 Eddie Vedder és Mike McCready Tibetan Freedom Concert Capitol Records Yellow Ledbetter (Élő)
1997 Pearl Jam The Bridge School Concerts, Vol. 1 Reprise Records Nothingman (Élő)
1997 The Ramones We're Outta Here! Music Corporation of America Any Way You Want It
1998 Pearl Jam Yield Epic mind, kivéve ""
1998 Pearl Jam Chicago Cab filmzene Loose Groove Who You Are és Hard To Imagine
1998 Pearl Jam Live on Two Legs Epic mind
1999 Pearl Jam No Boundaries: A Benefit for the Kosovar Refugees Epic Last Kiss és Soldier of Love
1999 Pearl Jam M.O.M., Vol. 3: Music for Our Mother Ocean Hollywood Records Whale Song
1999 Pete Townshend Pete Townshend Live: A Benefit for Maryville Academy Intersound Records Magic Bus (Élő) és Heart To Hang Onto (Élő)
1999 Pearl Jam Movie Music: The Definitive Performances Columbia Records/Epic/Legacy Recordings State of Love and Trust
1999 Pearl Jam Rock: Train Kept a Rollin' Sony Records Black
1999 Eddie Vedder és Susan Sarandon Cradle Will Rock filmzene RCA Records Croon Spoon
2000 Pearl Jam Wild and Wooly: The Northwest Rock Collection Sub Pop Even Flow (Élő)
2000 Pearl Jam Binaural Epic mind
2000 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam European Bootlegs Epic mind
2000 The Supersuckers és Eddie Vedder Free the West Memphis 3 Koch Entertainment Poor Girl
2001 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam North American Bootlegs, Volume 1 Epic mind
2001 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam North American Bootlegs, Volume 2 Epic mind
2001 Wellwater Conspiracy The Scroll And Its Combinations TVT Records Felicity's Surprise
2001 Pearl Jam Substitute: Songs from the Who Edel Music The Kids Are Alright (Élő)
2001 Eddie Vedder és Mike McCready Neil Young-gal America: A Tribute to Heroes Interscope Records Long Road (Élő)
2002 Eddie Vedder Nevem Sam filmzene V2 Ada You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
2002 Neil Finn 7 Worlds Collide Nettwerk Take A Walk (Élő), Stuff And Nonsense (Élő), I See Red (Élő) és Parting Ways (Élő)
2002 Pearl Jam Riot Act Epic mind
2003 Eddie Vedder & Zeke We're a Happy Family - A Tribute To Ramones Columbia Records I Believe in Miracles és Daytime Dilemma (Dangers of Love)
2003 Cat Power You Are Free Matador Records Good Woman és Evolution
2003 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam 2003 Bootlegs (Australia, Japan, and North America) Epic mind
2003 The Who Live at the Royal Albert Hall Steamhammer US I'm One (Élő), Gettin' in Tune (Élő), Let's See Action (Élő), és See Me, Feel Me (Élő) (Bryan Adams-szel)
2003 Pearl Jam Lost Dogs Epic mind, kivéve: Sweet Lew és Brother
2003 Pearl Jam Nagy Hal filmzene Sony Man of the Hour
2004 Pearl Jam Hot Stove, Cool Music, Vol. 1 Fenway Bu$hleaguer (Élő)
2004 Pete Townshend Magic Bus/Live in Chicago Compendia Magic Bus (Élő) és Heart To Hang Onto (Élő)
2004 Pearl Jam Riding Giants filmzene Milan Records Go
2004 Pearl Jam Live at Benaroya Hall BMG mind
2004 Jack Irons Attention Dimension Breaching Whale Shine On You Crazy Diamond
2004 Pearl Jam Songs and Artists that Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11 Epic/Sony Masters of War (Élő)
2004 Pearl Jam For the Lady Rhino/Warner Music Group Better Man (Élő)
2004 Pearl Jam Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003 Epic mind
2005 Eddie Vedder és a Walmer High School Choir The Molo Sessions Ten Club Long Road, Love Boat Captain, és Better Man
2006 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam J Records mind
2006 Pearl Jam Live at Easy Street J Records mind
2006 Eddie Vedder A Brokedown Melody: filmzene Brushfire Records Goodbye
2007 Pearl Jam Surf's Up filmzene Sony "Big Wave"
Pearl Jam Live at the Gorge 05/06 Monkey Wrench Mind
Eddie Vedder Into the Wild filmzene J Records Mind
Eddie Vedder & The Million Dollar Bashers I'm Not There filmzene Columbia Records "All Along the Watchtower"
Crowded House Seattle, WA 09/01/2007 Kufala Recordings "World Where You Live" és "Something So Strong"
2011 Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs Universal Music mind