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Crystal Clear action run.svg Ez a bot nincs regisztrálva, szerkesztéseit normál szerkesztőként végzi, üzemeltetője Harald Khan (vita). Ha a bot ritkán és nem nagy mennyiségű változtatást végez el, és mindent a tulajdonosa ellenőrzése mellett (azaz többnyire nem automatikus módban), nem szükséges a regisztrációja.

English language.svg This bot is not registered, it edits as a regular user.


I do not intend to apply for bot status on this wiki, as the bot will not make edits often. Here, the bot will only be used for individual articles where there is a duplication of interwiki links (a bot run in autonomus mode will skip such articles, therefore it is important to solve these issues where they arise), such that the edits will be rare and sparse. If this still somehow should be against any bot policy, please contact me on my talk page on the English Wikipedia such that I can apply for a bot flag or do the edits here manually, without a bot. Preferrably, it is let running without: the edits are not going to appear often on recent changes.

It should be stressed that the edits are made under my supervision, and that any faulty edit will be discovered by me quickly after it is made and subsequently fixed.


The bot utilizes Pywikipedia, the by far most used interwiki script for bots. It has bot flag on several wikipedias; a complete list can be found here. On those wikipedias, it also runs in autonomous mode, such that the edits are much more frequent and a bot flag is in place. This is not the case on this wiki.

Thank you!

-- Harald Khan Ճ 2008. június 19., 18:57 (CEST)