Vita:Flüei Szent Miklós

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Születése (date of birth)[szerkesztés]

Miklós was born about 1417. The exact date of birth is not known, but the exact date of death (1487, 21th of march). See also: fr:Discussion:Nicolas de Flue#Jour de naissance (in french). --B.A.Enz vita 2018. május 14., 22:09 (CEST)

Thanks, I corrected it in Wikidata. It's a recurring problem im huwiki that when someone posts the wrong info in wikidata, we don't always notice it, but it gets automatically added to infoboxes. Unfortunately most of the time there's no guarantee that it won't get added back to wikidata again... Though it looks like this wrong data was imported from English wikipedia where you've already removed it, so hopefully it won't spread to WD again. Alensha 2018. május 14., 22:30 (CEST)

Thank you, --B.A.Enz vita 2018. május 15., 16:28 (CEST)