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This is a brief English summary of the policy. Some sections were altered to support unified login usurpation requests.

Requesting to usurp an existing username

Since usurpation requires significant contributions in article namespace, and since you are reading this in English we can assume that you do not qualify. It is valid however to request a rename to allow using your globalized login locally, therefore

  1. if you require rename to use your global login you must have significant contributions in article namespace in any wikipedias with an account older than 3 months (preferably English because it is easier to verify for us), or
  2. your request will be automatically rejected.

This is a deviation from the original usurpation policy and subject to change.

If you want to request a rename to an existing username (or requesting a rename of an existing username to allow yourself a local entry for the globalized login system) please consider the following:

  1. Consider whether you really require the username, and if possible, use one which is not registered
  2. If your old account is not older than 3 months or you have no significant contributions in the article namespace then your request will be rejected. Obviously since you are reading this you cannot have local contributions in Hungarian language so the section above about global logins apply.
  3. Verify that the existing account have no edits (except userpages or vandalism)
  4. Verify that the existing account at least 3 months old
  5. Since it is probable that your qualifying contributions are on other wikis, please leave a message on your own talk page on your home wiki (preferably english) that you certify your identity and your request.
  6. Please notify the account holder by using {{subst:usurpation requested}}* template
  7. If there is no response (or the response allows the rename) notify the bureaucrats by using {{subst:usurp|your home wiki|requested username}}* (example {{subst:usurp|en|BlahBlah}}, where there should be a signed entry on [[user talk:BlahBlah#huwp usurp on enwiki certifying your request.
  8. If the account has a registered email the bureucrats try to notify him/her
  9. If there is no email or no response (or the current holder agrees the rename) then the rename is processed.

The requests to change your username should be made at WP:BÜRÜ.

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Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Request renaming/usurpation after reading the policy summary