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Harp/Szerkesztővita archivum 2015-ig


Sok boldog wikiszületésnapot kívánok! Apród vita 2017. január 16., 13:01 (CET)

File:Quark structure proton.svg[szerkesztés]


I'm not sure if you read your discussion on Commons, so therefore posting here. There is apparently a new model of the structure of protons: which is different than the one in your picture. Question is now how to approach it -- there are several options:

  • modify the original image (and also other related/based on that)
  • create new images from scratch

I have some basic Inkscape skills, so I can help if needed, the main concern is whether to overwrite the images, or create them as separate ones. Please reply at pl:Dyskusja wikipedysty:Wanted. Thanks. – Wanted vita 2017. december 31., 01:02 (CET)