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Welcome to the Hungarian Wikipedia, dear GreenMeansGo!


If you need help, see Category:User languages for users who can communicate in foreign languages. See also our Babel page for language templates for your user page. You can also use our Village Pump to discuss Wikipedia news, technical, legal, media and miscellaneous issues and to post proposals.

We hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian! Again, welcome! Ltbuni vita 2017. március 5., 00:05 (CET)[válasz]

Sorry Ltbuni, but I speak only English. I try to contribute to other projects in ways that don't require language, mostly pictures. Timothyjosephwood vita 2017. március 5., 00:10 (CET)[válasz]
No problem, but it might happen that someone uses Hungarian sources in the English Wiki-articles, and You may need verification.– Ltbuni vita 2017. március 5., 00:15 (CET)[válasz]


These users can help You in Englishː

In the section "Alkategóriák" ("Subcategories") You can find users categorized by their English language skills. I recommend choosing someone above User en-4 level.

Best wishesǃ – Ltbuni vita 2017. március 5., 00:13 (CET)[válasz]