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Hi. I removed it because it is just a rumour at this stage, as far as I read on I can't read Thai but that website you gave as a link seems like a blog. I want this article to be featured. Our rules for featured articles do not allow blog entries, unless that blog is a very significant one or won an award or otherwise somehow acknowledged as a trustable source. I'm sure that in the coming weeks there will be more trustable sources about the movie and then it can take a place in the filmography. I prefer to work from safe sources. Ps. Nice to meet you. :-) --Xiǎolóng vigyázz, harap! 2011. szeptember 24., 22:14 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]

By the way, I'm listening to Sek Loso as we speak Vigyor Xiǎolóng vigyázz, harap! 2011. szeptember 24., 22:16 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]

Thank you! That was a nice surprise. ขอบคุณ มาก ค่ะ :-) (I hope I wrote it right?) Xiǎolóng vigyázz, harap! 2011. október 3., 18:30 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]

Yes; if you are male. use ครับ
and if you are female. use ค่ะ
but we write close word in same sentence; So ขอบคุณมากค่ะ (I'm a man. So I use ขอบคุณมากครับ) :-) --B20180 vita 2011. október 4., 10:32 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]

Yes I know, I used it because I'm a woman :)

Regarding the Loso interwikis, I did that on purpose because there are no more English sources available, I'm not going to write a separate article on the band (I have no history or whatever information on them. What I could find was all related to the singer). So I decided to merge the two and redirected Loso to Sek Loso. Thus the mixed interwikis :) Xiǎolóng vigyázz, harap! 2011. október 13., 09:52 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]

Ok; Up to you.
And I will write articles about Hungarian in th wikipedia soon :) --B20180 vita 2011. október 14., 09:37 (CEST)Válasz[válasz]

Re Tony Jaa[szerkesztés]

ขอบคุณ มาก ค่ะ Vigyor Teemeah fight club 2011. november 4., 09:49 (CET)Válasz[válasz]

Happy new Year[szerkesztés]

To you too! Teemeah fight club 2011. december 31., 18:02 (CET)Válasz[válasz]