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English: Coat of Arms of Övörkhangai Aimag in Mongolia.

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  • Based on a lotos
  • Base wrapped in a khadag, two small garlands at the top
  • Main piece is the great Stupa of Erdene Zuu
  • A crossed Vajra in front
  • The name Övörkhangai, left in folded style Mongolian script, right in Soyombo script
  • All parts above the base in a curved frame as commonly used in devotional displays.
Some displays add a blue ring with the name in latin and cyrillic script, but that doesn't seem to be part of the COA proper.
Forrás A feltöltő saját munkája; Reinterpretation based on fotos of existing examples, primarily the base relief in the aimag administration building.
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Public domain This image (or other media file) is in the public domain in Mongolia and other jurisdictions.

According to the Law of Mongolia on Copyright from September 1st, 1993 as amended on February 1st, 1997, May 21st, 1999 and Jan 19, 2006, works first published in Mongolia are exempt from copyright if they fall under one of the following categories (details):

  • legislation and other legal documents
  • administrative decisions and official documents of legal entities and organizations
  • court decisions, resolutions, judge's decrees, and other documents and speeches delivered during court hearings
  • translations of any of the above
  • coat of arms, banners, flags, awards, orders, and medals
  • any news for the purpose of reporting currents events and results
  • works of folklore and national traditions
  • ideas, methods, procedures, scientific discoveries, and mathematical concepts

It is asserted that this work falls into one or more of the above categories and is public domain.

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